I was going to do a Trip version right after this one, but I’m tired of listening to this song.

what’s happening to me

WIP of the trash bags im so sorry


So I watched the 2nd Capn America last night again since theatres and I now realize that ALL I WANT IS A WINTER SOLDIER!APH:FINLAND, MAKE IT HAPP E N


look at these big dorks


[to gather request]
Thank you!!!

嬉しい~ ありがとうございました!!



still in love with cardverse
2nd is unfinished BC I’M LIKE THAT……

I haven’t been thanking followers for a long while, so I would like to take the time to do so? I’ve gained quite a few over that comic too (it’s a couple years old already, but I still really love it), and it’s really surprising and flattering!!

But some unfortunate news for everyone who was unaware:


I just wanted to practice this coloring style more, because I really enjoy it ;;;;