still in love with cardverse
2nd is unfinished BC I’M LIKE THAT……

I haven’t been thanking followers for a long while, so I would like to take the time to do so? I’ve gained quite a few over that comic too (it’s a couple years old already, but I still really love it), and it’s really surprising and flattering!!

But some unfortunate news for everyone who was unaware:


I just wanted to practice this coloring style more, because I really enjoy it ;;;;


So there’s this cute little comic and I really liked the second panel

so I got reijeux’s permission to draw it

Blushu blushu Sweden is the cutest <3

AAAAAAH HOW PRECIOUS, thank you for drawing it haha <3
The world needs more blushu blushu Sweden

oh say can u see
by the dawn’s early fireworks

Jared said he went to ComiCon and saw a bunch of Mikasa’s, so he took pictures of all of them and said, “I bet Dara is gonna be so jealous because deep down, she knows Mikasa’s mine.”
—Lisa, explaining something that should never be said to me because Jared knows I’m going to hit his house repeatedly with my car

Originally started this as a face off but then it just turned into a “they’re having a face off but are also vanishing FOR SOME STRANGE REASON” did i mention I love cardverse, because I do




Tumblr probably messed with the quality, so you can find the full version here. Also, the song.

I HAD A BETTER SKETCH DONE BUT I ruined it enough to where I couldn’t undo the damage, SO quick mydumbcomic!Zea being agitated about that before I need to leave for work LAUGHS GUESS WHAT, I’M MOTIVATED AND MORE KNOWLEDGEABLE ON COLORING NOW to where I can finish one of THESE THINGS